Campaign Ambassador 2019

"We offer a new tool to people, we don't replace them with technology."

Gunnar Bloss, CEO at werk5


"Is this still handcraft?" is the central question of the new image campaign of 'Deutsches Handwerk' (Germand handcraft) in cooperation with IHM Internationale Handwerksmesse – the leading trade fair for craft trades. 5 campaign ambassadors, exemplary for technical progress, internationality, diversity, digitality and humanity in the craft trade, answer this question.

werk5 managing director Gunnar Bloss has his roots in craftsmanship, having trained as a carpenter, followed by his studies of architecture at 'Universität der Künste' in Berlin. Since the founding of werk5 in 1995, he has been transforming the craft of the technical model maker and expanding it's possibilities by consistently integrating digital tools into the daily working process. Convinced by this background, the jury elected him as campaign ambassador 2019 and gave a face to the technical progress and innovative power of handcraft


For werk5, collaborative robotics is the next step in the evolution of craftsmanship and, as a 'third hand', also offers possibilities beyond technical model making, which werk5 will present at the Internationale Handwerksmessse in March. werk5 facilitates the integration of robotics for other craft businesses with it's Robotik Toolbox, which enables unique work processes through individual programming.

Follow us through our year as campaign ambassador on our social media channels Xing, LinkedIn and Instgram and experience the process of anwering the central question "Is this still a handcraft?


Yeah, it's still handcraft.

We thank the ZDH for providing the Boris Trenekls pictures of the campaign launch.

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