Tactile models/images, tactile orientation map, reading aid

Accessibility with #go-inclusive

A well thought-out, inclusive offer not only appeals to new visitor groups, it also sensitises your visitors to the social discourse on diversity and inclusion and creates new opportunities for knowledge transfer.

With the experts for inclusive design, Ellen Schweizer and Steffen Zimmermann of our #go-inclusive initiative, we are thinking accessibility from the very beginning.

Braille Translation

We translate your exhibition text into 3D Braille or 3D prism script with specially developed programs and can process these directly in 3D printing and CNC processes.

Corian® - Versatile and Durable

Due to the mineral content, the tactile experience of a surface made of Corian® is comparable to marble. An ideal material for hands-on and barrier-free models that are subjected to heavy public traffic. The high-quality material can be easily cleaned or surpassed.

Haptic navigation through your collection

A tactile orientation aid is the first step towards making your exhibition location barrier-free. It will be exciting if you include inclusion in your exhibition planning from the very beginning. With tactile tactile objects and 3D maps you create an offer that does justice to the diversity of your visitors.