Tactile models/images, tactile orientation map, reading aid

Braille translation Our own especially developed programs allow a fast and easy translation of any text into 3D-Braille or 3D prism fond. Data can be processed by 3D print or CNC techniques. We offer numerous solutions regarding accessibility in exhibition areas. - tactile orientation maps, guidance systems - 3D Braille or prism fond in various colours (DIN 32986:2012-04) - tactile images or paintings as revised 3D relief - tactile models or touch objects - 3D maps - prototype of a patented reading aid for Iphone Corian® is the ideal material for this purpose: Due to its mineral percentage, it has significant, nearly steely haptics. (density approx.1.700kg/m³) Intensively used surfaces can easily be cleaned and reworked. This is particularly important for models or objects which are accessible to the public.