FOCUS Brandenburg 2018
25.-27. April 2018
The FOCUS 2018 takes place from 25.04.-27.04.2018 in the unique surroundings of Paulikloster in Brandenburg. At this interdisciplinary forum for the industrial experts in the fields of exhibition and museums, Werk5 will present – among other things – an interactive exhibit demonstrating the numerous possibilities for extended and barrier-free exhibition technologies.

On 25.04.2018 at 14h30,our partners from #goinclusive, Steffen Zimmermann and Ellen Schweizer from Schweizergestaltung will give a lecture on how the « Museum für alle »/ »Museum for everybody » and extended, barrier-free exhibition technologies not only attract a new group of visitors, but as well have a positive effect on all visitors' exhibition experience.

Interactive exhibits manufactured by Werk5 will expand your field of activity. Let our partners from #goinclusive inform you about accessibility and its innumerable chances for your exhibition. Experience all the advantages of our cooperation.
Concept, support and manufacturing – all expertise combined in one single source

The opportunities of combining haptic elements and digital content will be explained in a lecture by Senior Software Developer Philipp Ewerling from our partner Interactive Scape GmH on 27th of April at 15h30. A display, at the end being nothing more than a sheet of glass, is intuitively used, but is to one dimension as an anchor of attraction. The interaction between haptic elements and digital surfaces creates curiosity, leads the user to a playful exploration and catches their attention.

Experience the possibilities of digital 'comprehension' and visit us and our partner Interactive Scape at the FOCUS Brandenburg.

Image 2 and 3: © Fritz Fabert