Gasolf, Aserzu
Baku Water Pipeline
werk5 has manufactured an interactive presentation model on behalf of Gasolf/Aserzu, representing Bakus' (Azerbaijan,) new water pipeline. The pipelines course, as well as the technical installations are shown in various differently scaled sections, whereas the course of the water can be visualized by colored running LEDs.
Individual subjects can be controlled via a touch screen.

Gasolf Oguz Qebele Baki_4671

Scale: 1:100, 1:120000, 1:400
Material: Solid acrylic, Corian®, precision acrylic, PU foam
Technique: 3D-CNC, digital print, foil plotting, varnishing, laser CNC, LED illumination, light control, screen, etching
Year: 2014
Category: Industrial buildings, topographic model, sectional model,
Presentation model