Herzog & de Meuron, Vinci
Bordeaux Stadium
In 2011 Herzog & de Meuron was awarded the contract for the new football stadium in Bordeaux (in cooperation with Vinci Construction France). Werk5 has produced an overview model in a 1:500 scale and a sectional model in a 1:200 scale.

For a presentation of the model in Bordeaux, werk5 manufactured a large sectional model in a 1:50 scale, showing a quarter of the stadium.

Herzog de Meuron Bordeaux 50_3956
Scale: 1:50
Material: acrylate, forex, cardboard, PU foam
Technique: 5axis CNC, CNC lasering, parametric
Category: stadium, interior
Competition model

Herzog de Meuron Bordeaux Stadium_3298
Scale: 1:200/500
Material: acrylate, CorianĀ®, polystyrene, precision acrylic
Technique: 3D-CNC, 3D printing, varnishing, CNC lasering
Year: 2011, award
Category: stadium
Competition Model