Chorin Abbey
Overview model

werk5 has manufactured several exhibits for the new permanent exhibition of the Chorin Abbey.

Development and design by: Lendler Ausstellungsarchitektur

Overview model of the abbey made of Corian®:

Visitors get more detailed information about individual areas of the abbey via light-control. The base-light shows the present situation.Reconstructions of destroyed buildings are presented by less detailed models.

Individual exhibits (as historical replicas): An early form of a spirit level, functioning with a plumb bob. A simple brick forming tool. A jigsaw puzzle of the Gothic entrance front.

Kloster Chorin Übersichtsmodell_6095

Scale: 1:100

Material: Corian®

Technique: 3D-CNC, 3D-Scan, LED illumination, light control

Year: 2017 Category: Historical buildings, museum presentation, sacred buildings, topographic model, museum building, presentation model, interactive

Kloster Chorin Exponate_6269

Scale: 1:1

Material: Solid wood, copper

Technique: 2D-CNC

Year: 2017

Category: barrier-free, museum presentation, presentation model, interactive