LBBW / Hines / Meili Peter
Hofstatt Munich
For the new residential- and business area Hofstatt in Munich’s' city center, werk5 has manufactured a high quality presentation model in a 1:100 scale.
(Architecture: Meili Peter Architekten, Munich)
The individual buildings and their designations are explained by an integrated light control.
The model will be shown at the EXPO REAL 2012 (Munich-Stand).

LBBW Hines Hofstatt_3548

Scale: 1:100
Material: Corian®, nickel silver, precision acrylic, PU-foam
Technique: 3D Print, 3D-CNC, 5axes-CNC, CNC laser, LED-illumination, Light control, etching technology
Year: 2012
Category: Office buildings, facade model
Presentation model