LBBW / Allmann Sattler Wappner
Friends, München
On behalf of LBBW Immobilien, werk5 has manufactured a high-quality presentation model of the new real estate project 'Friends', located next to Hirschgarten in Munich. The 2m high model with integrated light-control (designed by Allmann Sattler Wappner) can be visited in Bauwerk Capitals showroom.
An additional, exemplary model of the fully furbished interior was made out of Corian.

LBBW Hirschgarten_4410
Scale: 1:75
Material: Acrylate, Corian®, forex, nickel silver, precision acrylic, PU-foam
Technique: 3D Print, 5-axis CNC, laser CNC, LED illumination, light control, parametric
Year: 2014
Category: high-riser, residential buildings, facade model
Presentation model

LBBW MK4 Cube_4667
Scale: 1:10
Material: Acrylate, corian®, veneer
Technique: 3D-CNC, laser CNC, laser engraving, varnishing
Year 2014
Category: interior, residential buildings, sectional model
Presentation model