LVR-Archaeological Park Xanten
City model Colonia Ulpia Traiana
Werk5 has manufactured 3 barrier-free city models for the outdoor area of the LVR-Archaeological Park Xanten (APX).

Within the vast area of the museum, these models help visitors with the orientation and offer information regarding the archaeological findings.

The reconstruction of the Roman city Colonia Ulpia Traiana highlights the explored areas in gray whereas presumed buildings are marked in white.

All 3 models are produced in solid and weather resistant Corian®.

Inscriptions in and around the model are available in 3 different languages, as well as in 3D Braille.

LVR AP Xanten_4890

Scale: 1:700
Material: Corian®
Technique: 3D-CNC, Parametric
Year: 2016
Category: Outdoor, barrier-free, historical buildings, museum exhibit, signs, urban development, residential buildings

Presentation model