Oscar Properties, OMA - Rem Kohlhaas
Norra Tornen, Stockholm

On behalf of Oscar Properties, werk5 has manufactured an interactive marketing model in a 1:100 scale for their project of two high-risers in Stockholm (up to 130m), Each of the approximately 180 apartments ('Innovations') can individually be illuminated/localized via iPad control. The flexible programming allows customers to search for apartments according to size, price, availability etc.

Architecture: OMA, Rem Kohlhaas

Software-Application: evolution ventures

Hardware-Programming/Light technique: interactive-scape

Oscar Properties Helix+Innovation_5025

Scale: 1:100 Material: Acrylic, forex, precision acrylic

Technique: 3d print, 3d CNC, LAN connection, CNC laser, LED illumination, light control, tablet

Year: 2015

Category: High-riser, residential buildings Presentation model, interactive