Oscar Properties, OMA - Rem Kohlhaas
Norra Tornen, Stockholm
On behalf of Oscar Properties, werk5 has manufactured an interactive marketing model in a 1:100 scale for their project of two high-risers in Stockholm (up to 130m),
Each of the approximately 180 apartments ('Innovations') can individually be illuminated/localized via iPad control. The flexible programming allows customers to search for apartments according to
size, price, availability etc.
Due to marketing reasons, so far only one of the two towers has been manufactured.

Architecture: OMA, Rem Kohlhaas
Software-Application: evolution ventures
Hardware-Programming/Light technique: interactive-scape

Oscar Properties Helix+Innovation_5025

Scale: 1:100
Material: Acrylic, forex, precision acrylic
Technique: 3d print, 3d CNC, LAN connection, CNC laser, LED illumination, light control, tablet
Year: 2015
Category: High-riser, residential buildings
Presentation model, interactive