Interactive exhibits
Control, electronics.....
Interactive models and objects invite the user to interact and offer additional, specific information as well as an immediate experience.

Touch-screens, integrated sensors or RFID recognition allow direct control of the illumination or projections, and are a further development of the classical model illumination.

A precise analysis of movements - as can be seen in the interactive crossbow shooting-range of the „Schützenmuseum Duderstadt“ - allows a 'real-time'-interaction by reproducing the actual movements on a projected target. Target shooting turns into augmented reality.

Additional components, such as cameras, monitors, speakers, motors,.... complement the tableau of electronic potential.

Within the last couple of years, our associated company '' has perfected the 'touch-screen control' and offers a whole range of solutions in the field of HMI (Human Machine Interface):
multitouch tables, object recognition, application design and a content-management-system (CMS)