Paris-Saclay, le futur en chantier
werk5 has manufactured a 5m long topographic model, showing the development of the site of Paris-Saclay University.
Satellite pictures of the surroundings have been used for the determination of details and colouring.
Masterplan and exhibition concept by XDGA / Xaveer de Geyter Architects, Brussels.

Paris-Saclay, le futur en chantier(s), ©XDGA-FAA-MDP, Photo 354 Photographers
XDGA Paris Saclay ©xdga_4732

Scale: 1:2000
Material: Solid wood, photoreactive resin, precision acrylic, PU foam
Technique: 3D-CNC, milling structure, colouring, varnish, CNC laser, parametric, SLA
Year: 2014
Presentation model