Anna K.E. - Biennale Venice 2019
REARMIRRORVIEW - Simulation is Simulation is Simulaton ...

"REARMIRRORVIEW - Simulation is Simulation is Simulation ..."- this is the title of the new installation by the artist Anna K.E., with which she represents Georgia at the 58 Venice Biennale. For the project Anna K.E. worked together with werk5 .

As she reveals in an interview, Anna K.E. only had three weeks to plan and organize her work after having been selected by the Biennale as the representative of Georgia. She worked day and night.

Anna K.E. develops her works in the space in which they are presented. But this time she faced a new challenge, "...because it is the Biennale, I had to think abstractly, as didn't know the space, otherwise maybe a completely different work would have been created.".

She incorporated several content and visual aspects from her earlier work and "...yet it is something completely new for me. Also the clear digital aspect that is contained in the work."


Your work REARMIRRORVIEW - Simulation is Simulation is Simulation ... focuses on the simulation of truth and reality and consists of two grandstands standing back to back.

Their thirteen steps are interrupted by patterns and material changes. The integrated screens show video performances of the artist in a continuous loop.


The tiles stand for something human in the eyes of the artist. The material ceramic means that the tiles differ minimally in size and defects. They are individual and would not fit together without joints, just as every human being is unique, with its corners and edges. In her work, however, the tiles are not real but were digitally processed on individual plates, which is why the human, the errors and the otherness are missing and are only simulated. In their work they stand for coolness and clarity, a simulation of something human. "No matter in which direction we look. Everything is simulation. We are in simulation. Everything is simulated, including the tiles." In contrast, the handmade faucets are built in. The constantly flowing water from them symbolizes life. The eight faucets each have a special meaning for Anna K.E., as they form the word deranged in the form of Georgian letters. They were handmade in Georgia and distributed on the different levels of the white and black grandstands. In the eyes of the artist, the verb deranged describes her work perfectly. The lines and steps of her grandstands are not clearly structured, they have different shapes and materials, are of different sizes and widths, and are interrupted by empty spaces. In the artist's perception, her work symbolises herself and Georgia: mirrored in each other and against each other, shifted and full of breaks.


Wanted: Workshop for Art Production


For this project Anna K.E. searched for the first time for a workshop to realize her idea. Werk5 was suggested to her by someone from her gallery in New York. From a total of twelve possibilities, werk5 quickly crystallized as the artist's favorit.


The entrance to the assembly hall is located in the large courtyard of the German Architecture Center (DAZ). The place where the ideas and visions of architects, designers, and artists are turned into their physical presence and are sent all over the world.

"You feel it when you come to a place where people love what they do and do their work with dedication," says Anna K.E. after her first visit to the workshop. The subsequent discussion with werk5 managing director Karsten Kröger about her project strengthened the impression that werk5 was the right partner to implement her idea. "With Karsten I had immediately felt a great clarity. He asked the right questions about things that I had previously puzzled about myself. He addressed weak points, very professionally, but also with enthusiasm." On her tour of the glass factory, the artist found the right tools needed to realize her vision in the machine park, which is equipped with a robot arm in addition to various carpentry machines and multi-axis milling machines. Anna K.E. was convinced that "werk5 would be the place where I wanted the project to be realized" because of the deep technical understanding for her idea, coupled with the possibilities of the large machine park and the people who implement every work with respect and perfection. The artist knows how difficult it is to translate a vision with precise ideas and a high standard into reality. But the result is even better than she thought: "This is exactly what I wanted."


Off to Venice


The 58th Biennale with the title "May You Live In Interesting Times..." is curated by Ralph Rugoff. It is important to him that art gives the audience a fresh look and new energy for everyday reality.

When asked what the audience can take away from her work, the artist replies that it is precisely the diverse impulses and interpretations that make a work so exciting. The experience of the simulated moment is particularly important to her.

"I hope that people will feel and understand in some way that we are not living in the "one" truth. Because the one moment, the one meaning, the one truth that we have always clung to, no longer exists".


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