Robotik | Expert Portrait
Christophe Barlieb

Big goals

'A magic dwells in each beginning' The quote perfectly fits werk5 when it comes to the beginnings of robotics. Christophe Barlieb remembers his first conversation with Hauke Helmer in regards to the technical possibilities of robotics in the model making sector quite well. First research trips to Augsburg and Linz were made and they led back to Berlin to Dr. Thilo Röhrig of the Technical University. Thilo Rörig and Christophe Barlieb are both academics and share a main interest in applied research – they quickly formed the research team at werk5. Shortly afterwards, the first Cobot iiwa was purchased, affectionately called "Diva". With "Robert" robot number two followed quite soon. Christophe Barlieb established a kind of personal relationship with both of them and entered into a philosophical discourse on the spatial interaction between man, machine and matter. Looking back, he says, "We courageously begun to experiment and test the possibilities in non-industrial robotics use. After about two years, we have arrived in the premier class and have even developed our own methodology to control the robots They are nowadays used by leading academic institutions such as Stanford." With his work, Christophe Barlieb wants to help shape change and make the benefits of robotics visible and accessible to the general public. His goal is for everyone to be able to operate a robot as easily as a smartphone. Christophe Barlieb has already made good progress along the way. He has proven that he can successfully implement robotics in model making.