Robotik Toolbox
Easy to work with robots

The application potential of robotics grows with each new idea, the combination of tools and the direct, practical implementation. New tools such as augmented reality applications or the use of machine learning are forcing their way into everyday processes and changing working principles.

This is where the Robotics Toolbox comes in and offers an open system of freely combinable modules/apps for further collaboration between humans and robots.

The Robotik Toolbox is a solution for all companies and educational institutions that want to rely on robotics in the future and want to integrate it into their work processes in a simple and uncomplicated way.

The Robotics Toolbox makes the operation of a robot as easy as that of a smartphone.

The technology creates a space for the craft trades for previously unproducible, unique serial products, ensures an innovative leap in the training and further education of young people and offers a perspective for demographic change.

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