LVR-Industriemuseum, Euskirchen
Interactive, barrier-free orientation model
werk5 has manufactured a barrier-free orientation model for the museum 'Tuchfabrik Müller' in Euskirchen, it's main material being Corian® Glacier Ice.
The integrated touch sensor technology allows individual regulation of the background illumination for each building and simultaneous handling from all four sides.
The buildings cubic shapes offer a haptic experience
Inscriptions are also available in 3D Braille.

Exhibition design: teamstratenwerth

teamstratenwerth Euskirchen ©Klausner_5636
teamstratenwerth Euskirchen ©werk5_5636

Scale: 1:200
Material: Corian®
Technique: 3D CNC, laser engraving, LED illumination, light control, sensor technology
Year: 2016
Category: Barrier-free, historical buildings, industrial buildings, museum presentation