Campaign Ambassador 2019
International Handicraft Fair Munich
13.-17. March 2019 | 9:30-18:00
werk5 Cobot Challenge
Zur IHM 2019
Digital Assembly Techniques
Central organization of German handicrafts
1. Prize 2017 in the field of technical model makers
Berlins leading companies for vocational training
Chamber of commerce (IHK) and Chamber of Crafts (Handwerkskammer) Berlin
CNC Milling
3D-Processing up to 5-Axis-Simultaneous


Future-oriented and innovative - the idea factory

werk5 is actively involved in shaping the current transformation process of the craft of the technical model maker. With nine trainees, werk5 is the largest training company for technical model making and introduces its trainees to digital tools in their first year of training.

As the 2019 campaign ambassador for handcraft, werk5 represents the innovative power and technological progress of the trade. CEO Gunnar Bloss, together with werk5 project manager Katja Rachor, are the faces of the current advertising campaing.

werk5 not only further develops the craft through the consistent use of digital tools such as CNC machines, lasers and 3D printing - because innovative, future-oriented craftsmanship is created where the spirit of research is put to the test. werk5 sees the digitization of crafts as an opportunity to preserve traditional knowledge by redesigning the procedures.

The integration of robotics into the craft creates the opportunity of a third hand and opens up new possibilities in the design of unique pieces. werk5's 'Robotics Toolbox' is the first tool offering the opportunity to easily use collaborative robots in the companies and without extensive programming knowledge . With training courses, employees learn how to use the Cobot and can operate it easily and intuitively using an app individually adapted to the work process.