Anish Kapoor
muse concept, Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin
Future Gallery, 9. Berlin Biennale
Jon Rafman 'Iguana/Sloth'
Serge Ecker
Melusina of Luxembourg
Gilles Pegel
'Perverted Chirality'
Uwe Henneken
Ebon Heath
Made Gallery, Typographic Ballet
Berta Fischer
Galerie Nourbakhsch - Art Object 'Adage'
Angela Bulloch
Rhombus Stack
Anselm Reyle
Foil scanning


Among our clients for art production are artists, galleries and museums.

As a provider of 'digital craft' we support the creative process or a presentation. We provide artists with our technical expertise for the creation of contemporary art - such as sculpting with digital means (3D-scans, CNC-milling of 1:1-statues) or lighting installations of the minimal art... Artistic ideas and requirements regularly push boundaries and lead to innovative ways of adapting our practices and processes.

Themes such as transport logistics or exhibition-technique are integrated from the beginning of the project.