Robotik Toolbox
Easy to work with robots
An app of the Robotik Toolbox
werk5 Cobot Challenge
Zur IHM 2019
Digital Assembly Techniques
Robotik | Expert portrait
Dr. Thilo Rörig
International Handicraft Fair Munich
13.-17. March 2019 | 9:30-18:00
Campaign Ambassador 2019


Evolution through technology

The use of digital tools enables werk5 to create unique pieces that were previously unthinkable. After CNC technology, robotics is the next evolutionary step in the craft of the technical model maker. The integration of robotics into the craft means on the one hand to create a precise 'third hand' as a tool for collaborative use and on the other hand to automate unattractive, unhealthy or complicated processes such as grinding.

werk5 successfully integrated the robot arm KUKA Agilus , as well as the Cobot KUKA Iiwa into the work process of the technical model maker and developed the 'Robotics Toolbox', an application for craftsmen who want to exploit the advantages of robotics for their company, without needing to hire their own software developers.

During the 'Internationalen Handwerksmesse 2019 (IHM)' werk5 presented SCANINFORM, an app for operating and controlling collaborative robots – easy and intuitive.